MASTA travel clinics are a network of nurse-led immunisation centres. All the clinics offer a full range of vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs and are manned by fully-trained and experienced staff who have access to the latest travel heath information, provided by MASTA’s in-house clinical team.

The nurses operate to strict clinical protocols and will undertake a full risk assessment with every consultation based on the information you provide about your itinerary and medical history. When you first attend a clinic you may need to complete a form or answer a few short questions so be ready with details of any previous vaccinations you may have had.

MASTA Travel Clinics using e-clinic have access to a unique in-house computerised clinical management system which stores electronic records for on-going management of your travel immunisation needs.

Most vaccinations are well tolerated with few side effects - the nurse will discuss any that apply with you- but we recommend that you have eaten something before immunisations.

All vaccines and anti-malarial drugs are stored on-site and are readily available. A range of useful healthcare items is also available to protect against such hazards as biting insects, unsafe water, exposure to strong sunlight and travellers diarrhoea.

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